At a Regular meeting on December 14, 2021, the Board of Trustees approved an ORDER, amending the existing single-member trustee district boundary lines for the College District and adopting and designating a new Redistricting Plan as depicted on the maps attached as Exhibit A, defining new trustee districts, and as further described in the tables attached as Exhibit B, reporting populations and demographic statistics for each such new district to define the College District’s nine single-member trustee districts. The ORDER and EXHIBITS are shown on this website.

The Redistricting Plan complies with the “one-person, one-vote” (equal population) principle established by the U.S. Constitution. The Redistricting Plan is in effect from the December 14, 2021 until such time as a subsequent lawfully-enacted districting plan shall be adopted to replace this plan. The Redistricting Plan also provides that (1) the trustees in office shall serve for the remainder of their terms in accordance with Section 130.0826 of the Texas Education Code; (2) the trustee districts established by this redistricting order shall be filled as the staggered terms of trustees in office expire; and (3) the position of each trustee in office will be filled from the new trustee district created by this order, bearing the same number as the trustee district in which that trustee presently serves as it becomes vacant.  

The Redistricting Plan was required because a review of the 2020 census data revealed that a population imbalance existed among the College District’s nine (9) single-member Trustee districts, requiring redistricting of those districts. No proposed redistricting plans or comments were received from the public.

With the Redistricting Plan in place, the College District is authorized to conduct the Trustee elections in 2022 for single-member districts One (1), Two (2), and Three (3). Applications for a place on the ballot for the ACCD Trustee Election may be accepted commencing on January 19, 2022. Please refer to the Elections website.

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Additional Information

Signed Order Adopting Redistricting Plan Exhibit A to Order Adopting Redistricting Plan
Exhibit B to Order Adopting Redistricting Plan Initial Assessment Letter & Attachments on Redistricting (PDF)
Board of Trustees Order Adopting Guidelines for Public Comment (PDF) Board of Trustees Order Adopting Redistricting Criteria (PDF)