Policy and Procedure Advisory Council (PPAC)

Collage of ACD Properties: NLC, NVC, PAC, SPC, SAC, DSO


The Policy and Procedure Advisory Council (PPAC) is composed of district stakeholders who collaborate to address new or revised Alamo College District policies and/or procedures.

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PPAC Positions and Current Incumbent

Director of Ethics, Compliance, and Policy
Dr. Daphene Carson

United Faculty Senate
Caroline Davis

Council of Chairs Chair
Joseph Coppola

Executive Staff Senate President
Valarie White

Student District Council Chair
Raivyn Rosas

Designated College President
Dr. Naydeen Gonzalez-De Jesus

Vice Chancellor of Economic & Workforce Development
Xavier Urrutia

Vice Chancellor for Academic Success
Dr. George Railey

Vice Chancellor for Student Success
Dr. Adelina Silva

Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Dr. Diane Synder

Vice Chancellor for Planning, Performance and Information Systems
Dr. Thomas Cleary

Associate Vice Chancellor of Talent, Organization & Strategic Innovation
Linda Boyer-Owens

Associate Vice Chancellor of Marketing and Communications
Kristi Wyatt