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What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?

AlamoOPEN is the district’s no-cost initiative. It includes the use of Open Education Resources (OER) for students and instructors.

AlamoOPEN also includes IM Direct, which is the district’s inclusive access initiative.

IM Direct negotiates with publishers to reduce the cost of instructional materials. The lower costs save students money and unnecessary trips to the bookstore.


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AlamoOPEN Courses


AlamoOPEN Courses

IM Direct Courses


IM Direct Courses

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Featured Keyholders

María Aurora Yáñez, PAC Instructor

“I wanted to save students the cost of purchasing a textbook.”

María Aurora Yáñez,
PAC Instructor

 Allen Miller, NLC Instructor

“Alamo IM Direct is the single most effective intervention we have used to positively affect all of our courses.”

Allen Miller,
NLC Instructor

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AlamoOPEN Printing Solution

The UPS Store

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The UPS Store has more than adequate printing capacity to fulfill all AlamoOPEN printing orders in a timely manner for students.  There is a UPS Store location at each college.

Standard Printing 

Single sided $0.025 / pg
Double sided $0.045 / pg

Standard Printing with 3-hole punch

Single sided $0.030 / pg
Double sided $0.055 / pg

Comb Binding with Card Stock covers

Up to 3/8” (up to 45 sheets) $0.75 / bk
½” (up to 85 sheets) $0.95 / bk

Minimum print charge of $1.25.


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