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What do we do?


What does Corporate College do?

When you are seeking to improve employee skills at your workplace or to train employees for a new career, Corporate College holds the key to your success. 

A great portion of today’s workforce is nearing retirement and capable replacements will be needed. Corporate College helps you by combining real-world experiences with skills and textbook training for your employees.

We provide state of the art workforce education training in manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, healthcare, information technology, and business leadership development. We offer customized training solutions for individuals and organizations with classes offered at the Workforce Center of Excellence, on our campuses, and at your place of employment.


What services do we provide?

 We can help you reach your business goals through:

  • Industry and employee assessments
  • Customized training, seminars, and workshops
  • Special programs and expos
  • Industry certifications 
  • Delivered on your schedule
  • Occupational Forecasts
  •  We work with small and large organizations



Corporate College Team


Strengthen your skills and develop your workforce by contacting the Corporate College team:


 Dr. Juan Song

Account Executive  

Colin Nichols

Director of Sales & Partnership

Janice Wehrman

Janice Wehrman

Occupational Programs Coordinator 


Kathy Fogle

Corporate Liaison


Cristina Sanchez

Corporate Liaison  



Raquel Perez

Corporate Liaison

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State-of-the-art workforce education training in:  


Construction and manufacturing are facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities.


Challenges for hospitals and healthcare systems include refining healthcare and retaining qualified staff.


Manufacturing requires efficient, timely, and training for an incumbent and future journeymen, electricians, and technicians.

Leadership & Business

Combine your real-world experience with expertise provided through training that supports business growth and objectives.

Information Technology

IT industry is in a constant state of change that requires skill, knowledge, and hands-on learning with a problem-solving approach.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is in constant need of innovation and ensuring proper training of supervisors and staff.