For first-time students

There’s more than one way to get placed into college-level classes!

Effective Fall 2022, Multiple Measures allows you to use more than one criteria for placement, such as academic history and standardized test scores, to enroll at one of our five Alamo Colleges. As an incoming student, knowing how the initiative impacts you is essential.

Save time and money

Multiple evaluations of your college readiness lessen the likelihood you will need to take college prep courses. You can enroll in college-credit courses sooner, saving you time and money.


Multiple Measures model

The Alamo Colleges Multiple Measures Model includes student placement if:

  1. You have current documentation (TSI scores, transcripts, etc.)
  2. You do not have current documentation (due to exceptional circumstances such as COVID-19)

Considerations for Multiple Measures include:

  • STAAR End of Course (EOC) assessment
  • High School Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • High School course history
  • College prep course
  • Students without any assessments for placement

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Want to know if you qualify?

Don't hesitate to get in touch with your College's Testing or Assessment Center.

Northeast Lakeview College

Northwest Vista College

Palo Alto College

St. Philip's College

San Antonio College

Alamo Colleges Multiple Measures

The Multiple Measures model was developed and approved by the Math and English Department Chairs and the Vice Presidents of Academic and Student Success by each of the five Alamo Colleges—Northeast Lakeview, Northwest Vista, Palo Alto, St. Philip’s, and San Antonio Colleges.

For further information, contact:

Mary Helen Martinez

Director of College & Career Readiness
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Success | 210-485-0878