TSI Assessment

The Texas Success Initiative is a state-mandated program that is designed to help determine if you are ready for college-level coursework in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics (Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 4, Subchapter 3). The program will help you know what type of courses or interventions will assist you to be prepared for college-level coursework.

Students who are not exempt must take the TSI Assessment (TSIA) to determine reading, writing, and mathematics basic skills. 

Performing your best on the test will impact the amount of time and tuition cost you will have to spend on preparing for many of Alamo Colleges' programs and courses. Anyone wanting to advance in their developmental course sequence may retest on TSI Assessment.

Following the TSI Assessment, your goal/major will be used to determine what level (if any) of developmental coursework and/or interventions will be required.

If you are required to take the TSI Assessment, several options are available for you to review and prepare for the test. Spending a short time reviewing information about the test and the type of questions you can expect may assist you in maximizing your performance on the exam.

You will be advised based on the results of your TSI Assessment scores and the courses you plan to take. You will not be denied admission to the Alamo Colleges based on your TSI Assessment scores. 

View the TSI Assessment Student Information Brochure.