Internship Workshops

Securing an internship is a very competitive process. Whether you are applying for a local business, national corporate, state government or federal government internship, you will be competing against many college students who are interested in the opportunity.

Preparing a complete and quality resume is vital when applying for an internship. Requirements around applications and documents are important to follow. Additionally, a well-written, error-free cover letter can help you stand out above the other applicants…especially if it is not required

You will also need access to your unofficial transcript and your verification of enrollment to make completing internship applications easier.

Let us help! Alamo Colleges offers numerous internship application workshops (LINK) during the fall semester and in the early parts of the spring semester to coach students on preparing their documents. Plan in advance and you will be ready to apply for internships as soon as they are posted between January and March. 

Attend an upcoming Internship Workshop (LINK) and let us help you make your best impression.