Keep Learning Plan

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Four strategies for financial relief to help you stay in college

We have a plan to keep students in college and on track in the face of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Keep Learning Plan relieves the financial burden of tuition and fees through scholarships and allows most financial aid to be used for living expenses. It’s a big, bold plan and a $10 million investment in the district’s more than 65,000 students.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced many Alamo Colleges’ students to make tough decisions that disrupt their academic progress. Some are choosing between continuing their educational paths and meeting basic needs - paying rent and utilities, buying food, child care and health care. Despite the significant impact of COVID-19, the Alamo Colleges District is still teaching and its students are still learning.

The district and its colleges recognize that students must balance remote learning with jobs and caregiving responsibilities ACD is reducing expenses temporarily to provide the funding for the Keep Learning scholarships and aid programs to keep its students on their journey to a better life. This “belt-tightening” includes limiting hiring for vacant positions, reducing departmental budgets, canceling events, and facility savings from remote learning and working.

The Keep Learning plan encompasses four major initiatives effective only for 2020:

Photo of male student next to text: Up to $500 Clean Slate
Clean Slate

A program that eliminates a student’s outstanding balance up to $500 from the fall 2019 or spring 2020 semesters.

The amount of the scholarship will not be greater than the account balance as of May 1, 2020.

The $500 scholarship will be applied to the accounts of students who owe more than $500 as well. The program is a $2.2 million investment that will impact 8,400 students.

Learn more about Clean Slate

Photo of woman smiling next to the text: Expanded Summer Momentum
Expanded Summer Momentum

A supercharged version of our existing Summer Momentum Plan, this expanded version allows currently enrolled students to take free classes in Summer 2020 only.

Part-time students can take up to 6 hours of classes in summer free, and full-time students can take up to 9 hours free. This expanded version of the district’s regular Summer Momentum program eliminates the need for a student to earn a specific number of credit hours in the preceding fall and spring to qualify.

More than 15,500 students stand to benefit from this program, an additional $6 million investment.

Learn more about Expanded Summer Momentum

Photo of woman in glasses working on computer next to text that says Reduced Payment Plan
$1 Payment Plan Fee

This initiative reduces the fee to set up a tuition payment plan for Fall 2020 from $25 to just $1.

The total investment of $360,000 could impact more than 14,000 students.

Visit the Business Office Site for more Information

No Cost Testing
No Cost Testing

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) test, which usually costs $32, is being offered at no cost between May 1 and June 20, 2020.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is a state-required assessment test to determine college-readiness in reading, writing, and math. All first-time college students must take the TSI test before enrolling in classes unless you are exempt.

This is a $130,000 investment that will benefit nearly 5,000 students.

Visit Your College's Testing Center Site for more Information