Alamo Colleges Leaders Meet with Local ISD’s to Strengthen Partnerships

February 25, 2019

Recently, more than 30 representatives, including superintendents and school board presidents, met with Alamo Colleges’ trustees and Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores at the Bi-Annual Dinner to share the latest information on the Alamo Colleges’ high school programs and other partnership efforts with local ISD’s.

Alamo Colleges leaders shared with the K-12 partners their role in helping the Alamo Colleges to end poverty in the San Antonio region through education. Dr. Flores also provided detailed information on the new AlamoPROMISE initiative.

The Bi-Annual Dinner with Area Superintendents and Board Presidents was held at Palo Alto College. In addition to Dr. Flores, It was attended by Alamo College District Board Chair Marcelo Casillas, Trustees Joe Alderete, Jr., Anna Uriegas Bustamante, Roberto Zárate, Dr. Gene Sprague, Dr. Yvonne Katz, Clint Kingsbery, Joe Jesse Sanchez and Student Trustee Monica Scraper. Alamo Colleges District Staff presented a summary from the previous dinner, held in October 2018, and shared the news that the Alamo Colleges now has nearly 800 Transfer Advising Guides with 12 universities that are available to students and high school staff. He was followed by Trustee Alderete, who presented an overview of the Alamo Colleges’ legislative priorities. Guest speaker Romanita Matta-Barrera, SA Works executive director, provided data on high-skill, high-wage jobs with openings now and in the future in the San Antonio area and shared how SA Works provides students with numerous experiential learning opportunities in partnership with local industries.

Rosena Garcia, Alamo Colleges’ director of high school programs, shared performance metrics from the 2017-2018 academic year and discusses ways that students could prepare for opportunities shared by the SA Works report, while also contributing to their school district’s accountability system. She was followed by Dr. Flores’ presentation on AlamoPROMISE, which will provide high school graduates with the first two years of college, for eligible students who are seeking an associate degree or certification, or courses for transfer.

A discussion of the information presented wrapped up the evening’s agenda. The event was hosted by the Alamo Colleges’ Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Success.