Alamo Colleges District Board Approves Living Wage Increase

March 21, 2019

Kay Hendricks

photo of piggybank

At their regular meeting March 19, the Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees unanimously approved a minimum living wage of $15 per hour for full-time employees and $12.50 per hour for part-time employees, including work-study students and students employed in non-work-study positions. The new rates take effect on September 1, 2019 for all those employed on that date. The minimum full-time living wage for new hires after September 1 will be $14.70 per hour. The living wage adjustment represents a 30% pay increase for full-time employees, currently earning $11.50 and a 25% increase for part-time and temporary employees (including student employees) current paid $10 per hour. The work-study adjustment is a 39% increase, from $9 to $12.50 per hour.

The board’s action is in keeping with the district’s efforts to support the economic and social mobility of the district’s lowest paid employees and their families. It also will contribute to the persistence of a growing body of work-study students and students employed in other part-time positions. The adjustment is in line with the board’s support for making San Antonio “renowned as the best city to raise a family” and to reduce the percentage of those living below the poverty level to 9.7% from the 2012 level of 21.7%.

The wage adjustments are aligned with the district’s FY20 Smart Growth strategies, it’s mission to “empower our diverse communities for success” and with the vision of Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores to end poverty in San Antonio through education.