Alamo Colleges, San Antonio Food Bank Enhance Advocacy Centers

October 31, 2019

Student Food Pantry Shelf

At their regular October meeting, the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees approved a partnership agreement with the San Antonio Food Bank to hire case assistance navigators for each of the five colleges’ Student Advocacy Centers.

The full-time navigators will provide a suite of food services—encompassing food for today, food for tomorrow, and food for lifetime strategies. The partners will share expenses for the additional personnel, who will be employees of the San Antonio Food Bank.

The navigators will be available on-campus at least one evening per week and the first Saturday of each month. They will primarily assist students with access to on-campus and community resources to help with financial needs as well as food, transportation and childcare. They also will help students to apply for public assistance if they qualify and assist with relevant events, including Food Fairs and community collaborations.

The navigators will use a case management approach to ensure that students are not only referred, but also supported, in accessing and connecting with relevant resources. They may also assist with the day-to-day operation of the Advocacy Centers, which are part of the Alamo Colleges’ strategy to support the economic and social mobility of its students and area residents.