Alamo Colleges Celebrates 5,785 Students Pledged For AlamoPROMISE

December 12, 2019

Kay Hendricks

AlamoPROMISE students

The Alamo Colleges District’s AlamoPROMISE program is off to a promising start, with 5,785 local high school students signed up to participate in the program and attend one of the district’s five colleges in Fall 2020.

The students are scheduled to graduate in May 2020 from one of the 25 Phase I high schools initially targeted by AlamoPROMISE. Among the high schools with the most students pledging are: East Central – 631; John Jay – 509; Judson – 454: Wagner – 421; Holmes – 418; and Southwest – 395. At Wagner High School, 100% of the senior class has signed the AlamoPROMISE pledge. The goal of the program is to enroll 3,036 PROMISE Scholars at the college of the Alamo Colleges District in Fall 2020. The deadline for pledging is February 14, 2020.


The excited crowd at the SAISD event for AlamoPROMISE

“We are overjoyed that students have responded in such an overwhelmingly favorable way to AlamoPROMISE,” said Alamo Colleges District Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores. “We will continue to provide support and encouragement for the students who pledge and look forward to seeing them at one of our colleges next fall,” he added.

AlamoPROMISE is the district’s signature initiative that provides last-dollar funding to students at one of the Alamo Colleges for completion of a credential or three years of college by covering the gap between a student’s financial aid and the cost of tuition and regular fees. To make the idea a reality, the district is partnering with the city and county, local community organizations, businesses and ISD’s. Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff, Mayor Ron Nirenberg, and Alamo Colleges District Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores serve as tri-chairs of the AlamoPROMISE steering committee. The city and county have committed to $300,000+ for year one of the program, while more than $2 million has been given for the program by private donors, including Toyota Motor Manufacturing Texas, JP Morgan Chase, the Pat and Don Frost Foundation, Frost Bank Charitable Foundation and Wells Fargo.

After much careful research and planning, the district launched AlamoPROMISE with kickoff events at Jefferson and Judson High Schools in October, and students began filling out pledge forms online immediately. In the first ten days after the announcement of the program, more than 1,600 students pledged. Additional kickoff events were held at Holmes and Southwest High Schools. 

The district and each of the colleges—San Antonio College, St. Philip’s College, Palo Alto College, Northwest Vista College and Northeast Lakeview College—will continue to reach out to eligible high school seniors through an ongoing advertising campaign, emails, text messages and personal contacts in order to ensure that all eligible students have a chance to sign up.

To become an AlamoPROMISE Scholar, a student must be a San Antonio/Bexar County resident and a senior graduating in 2020 from one of the 25 participating high schools with a high school diploma. By the fall of 2021, the AlamoPROMISE program will be available to students graduating with a diploma from an additional 20 participating public high schools in Bexar County. Students can sign up online for AlamoPROMISE at

AlamoPROMISE is targeted to address the fact that less than 45% of graduating seniors in San Antonio go on to college, and San Antonio has the highest percentage of residents living in poverty among the nation’s largest cities. Multiple surveys have shown that the major barrier to students enrolling in college is having enough money and that 47% of Alamo Colleges’ students worry about paying monthly living expenses. 

At the Alamo Colleges District, high-quality education and affordable costs provide exceptional value to students and alumni who are major contributors to the economy and culture of our community. For more information, go to