SPC and SAC Awarded Online Learner Support Certification

December 12, 2019

Quality Matters 2019

Quality Matters (QM), the international leader for quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments, has awarded St. Philip’s College and San Antonio College the Online Learner Support Certification.

This certification recognizes programs that provide all the critical student and academic services needed for learner success and use learner feedback to continuously improve services.

QM’s Online Learner Support Certification is achieved when an institution submits evidence of direct and indirect support for online learners that includes remote access to the following services:

  • orientation to online study
  • technical support
  • academic advising
  • proctoring and student authentication
  • tutoring; grade appeals
  • remote library access
  • accessibility services
  • records and registration
  • financial aid services
  • billing
  • and institutional and student policies.

The institution also must have a robust process to collect, distribute and use learner feedback to inform and improve learner support efforts.

St. Philip’s College and San Antonio College are the third and fourth community college in the nation to earn this type of program certification, recognizing their commitment to providing students with an exceptional online learning experience.

Learn more about the Online Learner Support Certification