Alamo Colleges’ Partnership Mentors High School Students for College Success

January 31, 2020

Kay Hendricks

Alamo Colleges’ Partnership Mentors High School Students for College Success

At a kickoff event Thursday evening, the Alamo Colleges District, in partnership with the LULAC National Educational Service Center and the Tony Gonzales Foundation, launched their new “Mentoring for College Success” program.

The program connects business and community professionals with high school seniors to provide them with a mentor to help ensure that the students are prepared to enroll in one of the Alamo Colleges and complete their educational and career goals. A group of 25 mentors have already signed up for the program and will visit local high schools to begin mentoring in February 2020.

Joining Alamo Colleges District Trustee Yvonne Katz, Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores and Vice Chancellor for Student Success Dr. Adelina S. Silva were: Loretta McAtee, LULAC National Educational Service Center (LNESC) advisory board chair; Sonya Walker, education chair, LULAC District 15; Tony Gonzales, founder, Tony Gonzales Foundation; Orlando Blancas, director, LNESC; local high school students and their parents; high school administrators; and 25 volunteer mentors. 

“This program will help to address the challenge of the low number of local high school graduates who enroll in any college.” Said Flores. It will also help to increase the number who complete a degree or certificate that will lead to a high-paying job, providing economic and social mobility. Mentoring is one of the most effective strategies to meet these challenges,” he added. 

After the speaking part of the event, Blancas and Rodell Asher, Alamo Colleges’ director of student leadership, conducted an orientation session for the mentors and the students who had previously applied to join the program. Each mentor will provide guidance to up to three students. The program includes activities such as twice-a-month after-school mentoring, career exploration, college planning, a summer leadership program and a peer-to-peer mentor at the Alamo Colleges.