Alamo Colleges District Hosts Bellwether Award Ceremony

February 17, 2020

Kay Hendricks

Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores

The Alamo Colleges District’s  Bellwether College Consortium (BCC) hosted the Community College Futures Assembly and Bellwether Awards Ceremony at the Hilton Palacio del Rio recently.

BCC hosted 29 colleges and 145 participants in the three-day program, where 30 Bellwether finalists, including the Alamo Colleges District, presented their program to an audience of fellow Bellwether finalists, registrants and a panel of anonymous judges. The district’s submission, authored by Dr. Luke Dowden, chief online learning officer and associate vice chancellor of academic success, entitled “Integrated Support Operations to Scale Online Programs and Increase Enrollment,” was a Top Ten Finalist in the category of Planning, Governance & Finance.

Alamo Colleges’ Trustees Dr. Yvonne Katz and Roberto Zárate, Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores and Robert McKinley, vice chancellor for economic and workforce development, spoke the event. Zárate is an advisory board member of BCC. Special guest U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos attended and recognized the Alamo Colleges District and three other Bellwether finalists for their exemplary programs. 

A screening of the documentary film “Unlikely” was viewed at the Policy Summit and discussions were held on policy and program initiatives aimed at promoting student success among our most vulnerable student populations. Jee Hang Lee, vice president of the Association of Community College Trustees, facilitated a focus group on strengthening rural colleges, and Damion Pechota, of Education Commission of the States, held a session on state policy design for connecting college to work.