St. Philip’s College Added to University Health Vaccine Sites

April 8, 2021

Kay Hendricks



UPDATE 5/20/21: The St. Philip's College site is no longer operating as a vaccination site.  For updates on available vaccination and screening sites, please visit
Alamo Colleges – St. Philip’s College, the 123-year-old Pride of the East Side, has been selected as the newest site for University Health to offer free COVID-19 vaccinations to the East Side community and the community at large.

The operation will be fully staffed by University Health and the location will closely mirror how the Wonderland Mall of the Americas location is currently being operated.

Wednesday, May 19th will be the last day they will be administering vaccine shots at SPC.

Deaths from COVID-19 are higher among Hispanic and African-American Texans, and fewer Hispanic and African-American Texans are being vaccinated. Older Texans are likely to be the most affected; younger people receiving vaccinations are more likely to be ethnically and racially diverse when the older population is more at risk of complications from the disease.

The opening of the new site is part of University Health’s ongoing effort to vaccinate as many residents as possible as quickly as possible. On December 17, 2020, University Health received its first shipment of the vaccine, and the following day they began vaccinating thousands of frontline healthcare staff at University Hospital. On December 21, they began vaccinating thousands of first responders and frontline workers from the community at the downtown Robert B. Green campus, and that operation continues.

Since January 4, they have been providing COVID-19 vaccines at Wonderland Mall to the public, and to vulnerable populations reached through community partnerships, as fast as they can get shipments from the state. They began delivering doses at an average of 1,500 doses a day, and now are delivering more than 6,000 per day. As of today, University Health has administered more than 300,000 vaccinations.

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