Alamo Colleges students, employees eligible for free VIA bus pass

August 20, 2021


Through a partnership with VIA Metropolitan Transit, all Alamo Colleges District students and employees are eligible for a free VIA goMobile U-Pass by signing up with their student or employee email address.

The pass gives you access to unlimited bus rides on VIA throughout the semester. With free high-speed Wi-Fi on all buses and transit centers, you can spend more time reading, studying, checking emails and staying connected. Once you register, the VIA U-Pass for Spring 2022 will be valid through July 31, 2022.

Download the VIA goMobile+ App

This year, VIA has upgraded their mobile access with the new VIA goMobile+ app. This new app offers an improved user-friendly design, easy access to trip planning, stronger security features to reduce fraud and more.


Available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Download the VIA goMobile+ App to access your free VIA U-Pass.
  1. Download VIA goMobile+ from your smartphone’s app store.
  2. Create a new account using your email address.
  3. Within 10 minutes, your VIA U-Pass will appear in the app’s Ticket Wallet as a stored pass.
  4. Activate your VIA U-Pass by tapping on “Activate Ticket.
  5. Show your ticket to the bus operator when boarding the bus.

Once the VIA U-Pass appears on your goMobile+ account, you will receive a purchase receipt via email from

Any students or employees needing assistance accessing the VIA U-Pass may contact VIA Customer Service at 210-362-2020, and select the option for goMobile+. For more information about using your VIA goMobile+ app, please visit the VIA website.

Visit the VIA website

Don't have a smartphone?
student ID icon
Just show your student or employee ID to the bus operator when boarding.

Your Alamo Colleges District ID can be used as your U-Pass to ride on all VIA mainline bus routes.



Who is eligible for a VIA U-PASS?

All current academic students, faculty, and staff are eligible to use the VIA U-Pass. 

How much does the VIA U-PASS cost?

Paying the board-approved Campus Access Fee with your tuition allows you to receive this benefit at no extra cost. 

When can I get a student ID card?

Student IDs are issued to students on a payment plan or if your tuition is paid in full. Provide your Banner ID number and a Driver’s License or Photo ID.

How much is a student ID card?

Original student ID cards are free. Replacement cards (lost or stolen) are $10.00. 

Where can I get my student ID card?

Due to COVID-19, you will need to contact your college if you need a Student ID card.

Is there a limit to the U-Pass?

You have unlimited bus rides on VIA throughout the semester.

I am a Dual Credit, Early High School Grad, CE student or am taking Community classes. Why am I not eligible?

These students do not pay the Campus Access Fee and are not currently eligible. 

If I am ineligible, can I purchase a VIA bus pass?

Tickets can be purchased at all VIA Customer Service Centers and many retail outlets. Visit VIA's website for more information.