Alamo Colleges District joins Bright Horizons Workforce Education Network as Founding Partner

December 9, 2021

DSO Communications

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Alamo Colleges District has joined the Bright Horizons EdAssist Solutions Workforce Education Network as a founding partner. Bright Horizons (NYSE:BFAM) EdAssist Solutions has established the Workforce Education Network, a select group of highly-regarded universities and colleges looking to jointly provide increased access to affordable, high-quality education while reducing costs and decreasing time to earning a degree for employees and employers. The mission is to increase talent mobility by solving strategic workforce gaps – a problem that has been accelerated by the pandemic. This group will focus on promoting and implementing best workforce practices focused on reskilling and upskilling, education pathways and credentialing to lead to improved productivity and greater social mobility for today’s working learners.

The founding institutions joining the Network include Western Governors University and colleges of the Alamo College District, which includes Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College and St. Philip’s College, an HBCU and HSI institution. The Network will continue to expand its membership with like-minded institutions in early 2022.

As a member of this Network, our Colleges will be highlighted on the EdAssist platform as top quality education providers. Additionally, we will have the opportunity to participate in specific program pathways in high need job areas that are marketed to an entire client base of employer partners.

Presently, Bright Horizons manages 1 billion in tuition dollars for very large corporations and anticipate a considerable portion of this spend will move to the Network. Currently, the top 20 education institution partners account receive approximately 20% of all tuition dollars paid. There is the opportunity for a significant increase in enrollments for all five Colleges and associated revenue with those enrollments.

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