ACD expands and maintains exceptional faculty and staff this academic year to better serve community

September 23, 2022

DSO Communications

932X621 faculty photo.jpg

This academic year, the Alamo Colleges District was proud to welcome 1,913 faculty including 69 new full-time faculty and 203 new part-time adjunct faculty.

During onboarding this academic year, these new hires were invited to participate in a comprehensive, interdepartmental, paid onboarding session that helps cultivate a fast start to instructional excellence and to build relationships with students. 

“New Faculty Orientation was very helpful for me. We were able to get all the information we needed to be successful. Even though I had been teaching as an adjunct for a number of years, I was able to learn and experience aspects of the college that I had not seen before,” said Thomas Reed, Mathematics Instructor at Palo Alto College.

This is one of several paid professional development opportunities and is one of the many compensation benefits drawing new faculty to the Alamo Colleges District mission of empowering diverse communities for success.

The Alamo Colleges understands that part of our success as an award-winning, student-focused organization is due to our quality talent including our outstanding faculty and staff.

“Our community embraces and values the Alamo Colleges for our quality of education and the role our faculty and staff play in the success of our graduates and the contribution we make to their social and economic mobility,” said Dr. Mike Flores, Alamo Colleges District Chancellor. “We are proud to continue to expand and maintain our exceptional faculty and staff to better serve our community.”

Some of the more recent faculty investments include the announcement of high-demand discipline stipends to additional rank pay and pay to acquire course design review certification.

Professional development opportunities also go hand-in-hand with promotion, and for the 2023 academic year 56 faculty were newly promoted. Overall, 463 faculty, which is 60% of full-time faculty have achieved promotion in rank and have received the annual stipend that accompanies the change in rank.

The Alamo Colleges provides these supports and professional development experiences to recruit and retain faculty as part of our Smart Talent strategies, as well honors the work faculty do to ensure our students have access to a quality education that leads to limitless opportunities for them and their families.