AlamoONLINE Releases Insight Series on Micro-Credentials

October 13, 2022

DSO Communications


AlamoONLINE has released an Insight Series, looking at early results on its journey to elevate training options since introducing micro-credentials into the Alamo Colleges District.

This six-part series tells AlamoONLINE’s story of exploration, innovation and learning. The series documents and shares findings, success and opportunities for improvement. 

AlamoONLINE represents the range of opportunities for students pursuing degrees, certificates, or other offerings delivered 100% online from the district’s five colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philip’s College.

In 2021, AlamoONLINE expanded its services to include micro-credentialing to enhance students' educational experiences and strengthen each college’s capacity to deliver premier, quality digital learning experiences for students. 

As the largest provider of education and training in South Texas, it was incumbent on us to provide an expanded set of credentials of value to our region and, in support of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Talent Strong TX,” said Dr. Mike Flores, Alamo Colleges Chancellor. “Through this work, the Alamo Colleges has become a national thought and practice leader in micro-credentials.”

Now - AlamoONLINE is sharing the findings from their work with a district-wide design team in the hope others can benefit from their time and investment in scaling micro-credentials. 

“AlamoONLINE is focused on deeper engagement with employers and our Colleges through this project to address talent pipeline needs,” said Dr. Luke Dowden, Chief Online Learning Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor for the Alamo Colleges District. “We are eager to share our story and learnings with our community and others in this space. Our hope is to learn with and from others as we continue to re envision how to help more working learners upskill and improve their social and economic mobility.”

Each 2-3 page brief shares the opportunity driving each area, how AlamoONLINE has pivoted to better reach and serve learners, a key learning insight and a how-to guide for how others can take a similar approach. 

  • Micro-Credentials and Digital Badges: The demand for skills 
  • Micro-Pathways: Pathways to high-demand jobs
  • Digital Marketing: Finding our target population
  • Learner-Centered Design and Personas: Understanding learners
  • Badge Practitioner Community of Practice: Faculty thought-leadership
  • Credit for Prior Learning: Aggregating all types of learning

Download the Insight Briefs here: