ACD Expands Offer of Tuition-Free College to 73 San Antonio-Area High Schools

December 14, 2022

DSO Communications


The Alamo Colleges District is proud to announce it has again expanded its offer of tuition-free college through its AlamoPROMISE program to now cover all public Bexar County independent school districts and their high schools. 

On December 13, 2022, the Alamo Colleges District Board of Trustees approved the AlamoPROMISE expansion.

Now in its fourth year, since program launch in 2019, AlamoPROMISE will serve 20 school districts and partners and 73 San Antonio-area high schools and programs as a result of an expanded level of service that increases reach across the region. 

As of December 2022, close to 9,600 high school seniors have taken the first step by signing up to save their seat to be an AlamoPROMISE Scholar. 

AlamoPROMISE covers tuition and required fees for current academic year graduates from participating high schools seeking an academic certificate or associate’s degree at one of the five Alamo Colleges: Northeast Lakeview College, Northwest Vista College, Palo Alto College, San Antonio College, and St. Philip’s College. 

The expansion to 73 high schools would target approximately 20,500 estimated students as prospects for the AlamoPROMISE Program with an anticipated enrollment of 5,556 students. The expanded list of high schools is down below:

  • Alamo Heights High School
  • Brooks Academy of Science & Engineering
  • CAST Lead High School
  • Learn4Life Edgewood
  • Cole High School
  • George Gervin Academy
  • Judson Learning Academy
  • Stacey High School
  • Imelda Davis Early College High School
  • Churchill High School
  • Johnson High School
  • Reagan High School
  • International School of the Americas 
  • Brandeis High School
  • Brennan High School
  • Clark High School
  • Harlan High School
  • Health Careers High School
  • O’Connor High School/Agriculture Academy
  • Taft High School/Communication Arts
  • Warren High School/Construction Careers Academy
  • Sotomayor High School
  • CAST Teach High School
  • Randolph High School 
  • CAST Med High School
  • South San Antonio West Campus High School

“This expansion of our AlamoPROMISE program  has been years in the making, and we are extremely proud to be able to continue our moonshot of ending decades of generational poverty through education,” said Dr. Mike Flores, Alamo Colleges District Chancellor. “We thank our donors and the community for their support of this game changing program that allows our high school students the opportunity to attend college tuition-free.”

Beginning December 14, newly eligible graduating high school seniors of the academic class 2023 can sign up to be an AlamoPROMISE Scholar by filling out the “Save Your Seat” pledge form at

A comprehensive listing of all 73 participating AlamoPROMISE high schools and programs for recruitment in FY23 can be found here. To be eligible, students must be a graduating high school senior from one of the 73 participating AlamoPROMISE high schools and programs and complete all Alamo Colleges District admissions, enrollment, financial aid requirements and any other program requirements that are communicated. 

As AlamoPROMISE Scholars, students receive a "last-dollar" scholarship for up to three years or the completion of an associate's degree or academic certificate, whichever comes first. The "last-dollar" scholarship funds the cost of tuition and required fees after financial aid awards are applied. 

The first cohort of AlamoPROMISE scholars were recruited in the fall of 2019 and enrolled as AlamoPROMISE scholars in the fall of 2020. Last year, a group of inaugural cohort of graduates crossed the stage across all five Alamo Colleges. 

In May 2022, the AlamoPROMISE program was spotlighted on the nationwide news program, PBS NewsHour. The story profiled an AlamoPROMISE Scholar and explored how the AlamoPROMISE program is tackling education inequality with free and reduced college in San Antonio. The segment aired as part of the award-winning program’s Rethinking College series. 

In addition to tuition-free assistance, AlamoPROMISE Scholars have access to wraparound services such as advising, career counseling and help with financial, health and other issues that present barriers to completing a college education.

Anyone interested in learning more about how to apply and qualify is encouraged to visit