Accounting, BCIS and Business

The Business Administration program is designed to (1) provide courses at the freshman and sophomore levels which will transfer to 4-year universities (2) provide training for developing marketable skills for immediate employment, (3) provide curriculum and training for upgrading current skills and positions. The program offers an array of theory-based, yet practical elements of effective business practices through such courses as Business Principles, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, and Business Computer Applications. 


Collins, Keith, Ph.D., Instructor of Business
Phone:  (210) 486-5452
Office: WLNS 221

Helinski, Matthew, M.B.A., M.Ed. - Assistant Professor, Business
Phone: (210) 486-5249
Office: 317A ACA1

Moczygemba, Joy, MS - Lead Instructor, Accounting
Phone: (210) 486-5282
Office: 320A ACA1