Department Information

What is the Kinesiology Department?

The Kinesiology Department includes kinesiology and dance. We offer activity classes that focus on individual and group fitness and sports. Examples of these classes include but are not limited to yoga, Pilates, weight training, kickboxing, boot camp, golf, volleyball, basketball, and flag football. Dance classes include modern, ballroom, ballet and Latin cardio dance.  Lecture classes we offer include first aid, concepts of fitness, foundations of kinesiology, drug use and abuse, and health. Other than taking our courses for personal interest, kinesiology majors prepare for jobs in personal training, corporate fitness, teaching and coaching, physical therapy, sports medicine, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Why Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement. Within our department, students have the opportunity to enhance their physical fitness, health, and learn behaviors related to the promotion of lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and the enrichment of personal wellness.

What is special about Kinesiology at NLC?

Our state of the art facilities opened in 2009 and include two full basketball courts, two dance studios, a weight room, and a rock climbing wall (opened fall 2012). We also have quarter mile and half mile outdoor trails. Our faculty offer a wide range of personal experiences and specialties related to the field.

Want more information?

Please contact us at (210) 486-5654 for more information about the Kinesiology program and Wellness Center facilities.

Kinesiology Faculty and Staff

Neil McCrary, Chairperson
Chair of Science and Kinesiology
Assistant Professor in Biology
(210) 486-5342

Yvonne Ramirez

Academic Unit Assistant
(210) 486-5356
Bosque Science Center, 113R

Wes Adams Ph.D., 
Associate Professor of Kinesiology
Bosque Science Center, 102A

Susan Kazen
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
(210) 486-5311
Bosque Science Center, 219  

Megan Grimsley Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology
(210) 486-5620
Bosque Science Center, 217  

Vincent Lockhart
Kinesiology Instructor
(210) 486-5614
Bosque Science Center,102B 

Ken Hardy
Physical Education Center Specialist
(210) 486-5655
Bosque Science Center, 114