The discipline of Biology at Northeast Lakeview College offers a range of courses for students looking to further their knowledge in the life sciences. This department strives to create a learning environment that encourages exploration, critical thinking, and application. We provide an array of lab experiences that enable students to engage in hands-on activities and gain practical experience in the field. With dedicated professors who are committed to helping students excel academically and professionally, the discipline of Biology at Northeast Lakeview College provides an optimal learning experience for those interested in pursuing a career in the life sciences.

Department Information

Carrie Lopez
Biology Lab Technician
Bosque Science Center 209

Full-time Faculty

Cain, Dr. Erica
Associate Professor of Biology
(210) 486-5339
Bosque Science Center 113L 

Erwin, Lisa
Biology Professor
(210) 486-5341
Bosque Science Center 113M

Kosub-Coronado, Dr. Karla
Professor of Biology
(210) 486-5332
Bosque Science Center 113D

Parrott, Ph.D., Jennifer
Instructor of Biology
(210) 486-5264
Bosque Science Center 113S

Perry, Laura
Professor of Biology
(210) 486-5346
Bosque Science Center 113N

Ramirez, Lynsey
Instructor of Biology
(210) 486-5801
Bosque Science Center 113C

Rossi, Ph.D., Dania
Assistant Professor of Biology
(210) 486-5294
Bosque Science Center 113E