Psychology at Northeast Lakeview College is a dynamic and engaging discipline that seeks to understand human behavior and mental processes. Students in this program will explore the many facets of the human mind and use their knowledge to investigate and understand the complexities of the human experience.  Students will also be exposed to topics such as the role of culture in psychological research, the biological basis of behavior, and the impact of technology on human behavior. Through these courses, students will gain an appreciation of the diverse ways in which individuals construct meaning and navigate their lives. This program will prepare students for a variety of career paths in psychology, including research.

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Etchison, Sara, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Phone: (210) 486-5326
Office: Salado Hall 304D

Valerie Young, MA
Assistant Professor, Lead Instructor - Psychology
Phone: (210) 486-5270
Office: Salado Hall 317B