Instructional Innovation Center

DL/IIC Mission Statement

The Northeast Lakeview College Distance Learning and Instructional Innovation Centers will focus on providing students and instructors with the highest quality experiences and support for learning in online environments, including support for students in face-to-face courses that utilize online learning tools. The DL/IIC will establish standards for student-centered online learning, will develop programs and resources that ensure faculty and students have all necessary resources and tools for success in online learning, and will partner with appropriate entities to provide faculty with professional development in instructional design and pedagogy, course management, and appropriate technology adoption and use.


  1. Invite faculty and staff to participate in the latest instructional best-practice research;
  2. Focus on “just-in-time” and not “just-in-case” professional development;
  3. Provide a model that focuses on learning of measurable outcomes and goes beyond mere training;
  4. Provide various modes of delivery that meet the needs of adult learners;
  5. Serve as a faculty and staff support and resource center; and
  6. Collaborate with other instructional support areas to ensure comprehensive support in all areas of instructional innovation.

Professional development workshops are offered in the following areas:

  • theory and practice in curriculum and instruction
  • software applications
  • development of online curriculum resources
  • Internet-based course development

To be notified about future professional development training opportunities offered at Northeast Lakeview College, please fill out this form.