Interested Students

Are you interested in registering for an online course?

Online courses offer the convenience and flexibility of participating in a course without a formal schedule or location. However, it does require a unique set of skills and learning styles. Before you enroll, you should be confident that your study habits, learning style, and computer skills match the online learning environment. 

Therefore, if you are new to online courses, you are required to enroll in NLC's free Orientation to Online Learning mini-course. 

  • Online Option: In ACES, register for the mini-course OLRN-0001 by selecting one of the following courses:

    38324….Spring 16 week

    38326…. Dual Credit

    38327…..Flex 1 (ends Mar 20)

    38330…..Flex 2 (Mar 22-May 15)

    38332……14 (Feb 1-May 15)

For more information on the Orientation for internet courses, please consult the Distance Education page in NLC's Course Catalog.

Succeeding in an online course

Your number one goal should be SUCCESS in your online course. Success in an online course is defined by:

     1.  Starting and ending the course. 
     2.  Earning a "C" or better in the course.

Now let's hear from a few Alamo Colleges' students about what skills you will need to succeed online. Click each image to view the video.

Self-Motivation Button     Time Management Button

Keep An Open Mind Button     Study Habits Button

Click here to view video transcripts.

Review the following list of requirments to asses your technology readiness to take online classes:

     ___  I know how to connect to the Web using a web browser.
     ___  I can navigate around the Web and know how to use search engines. 
     ___  I know how to do basic word processing, including cutting and pasting.
     ___  I know how to open, save and manage files.
     ___  I have access to a computer 5-7 days per week.
     ___  I have 9-12 hours a week to work on each online class.
     ___  I can motivate myself to log in to the virtual classroom at least 3-5 days a week.
     ___  I have good reading comprehension and written communication skills, and I enjoy communicating in writing. 

If you can’t answer “Yes” to all of these questions, you may not be quite ready for online learning.

Is your computer ready for Online Courses?

  • Canvas, the LMS used for all online courses at Northeast Lakeview College as well as the other colleges in the Alamo Colleges District, works with all Internet browsers; however, we've found it operates best with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  
  • For basic computer specificatons, additional browser requirements, and Canvas mobile app information, consult the Technical Information page in the Canvas Quick Guide for Students.
  • Your course might use Flash components for recording or viewing audio/video files and uploading files, in which case you may wish to update your Adobe Flash for best results.
  • It is highly recommended that you have a broadband connection (or better) if you are working from home or off campus. Dial-up users will have varying success.