Ben Moseley

Moseley, Ben
Title: Assistant Professor, History
Department: Social Sciences

About Ben Moseley


Married for 38 years, 6 grandchildren 

Interested in Dallas Cowboys and other sports


MA (Sam Houston) in History

MED (Texas State University) in History

MS (Abilene Christian University) in Biblical & Related Studies

BSED (Texas State University) in Speech

Graduated in 1977 from Preston Road School of Preaching                      


Academic Advisor for Wayland Baptist University-San Antonio for 10 years

Full-time History Professor for 9 years at Northeast Lakeview College

Adjunct History Instructor for 27 years – Lee College, Wayland Baptist University-San Antonio, and Northeast

Lakeview College Adjunct Bible Instructor for about 9 years through Abilene Christian University an Oklahoma Christian University.