Cara Sullivan

Sullivan, Cara
Title: President
Department: Student Government Association Officers

About Cara Sullivan

Hello! I am Cara Sullivan, the SGA President for the spring and summer of 2022.  I am early admission and homeschool dual credit student in my 2nd semester at Northeast Lakeview College.  Personally, I was astounded when I first arrived on campus at the welcoming and illuminating environment here.  I have already learned so much from my professors, staff advisors, and fellow students at NLC, and I wanted to use what I had learned to give back to the school that gave so much to me.  "The Voice of Students on Campus" is the motto of SGA and one that should be close to my heart.  Compared to other Alamo Colleges, NLC is relatively new, which in my opinion is even better because each wave of students gets to build the campus up in an original way.  Being president allows me to practice leadership skills and organize efforts toward amplifying student voices.  I am excited to see the different ways the SGA team will service the students in 2022!