Online Paper Review

The ASC offers personalized reviews of any paper for any class. We can read for what you miss.

  • Basic paper structure - clear thesis, related supporting points, smooth paragraph transitions, thorough conclusion, & proper citations.
  • Correct punctuation & grammar - Rather than pointing out every error, we'll mark 2 examples of an error and give you directions for checking the rest of your paper.

Before you submit your paper, read it out loud! If you correct the obvious, we can read what you miss!

  • Papers can only be submitted once.​
  • Give us 48 hours to respond - papers submitted over the weekend may take longer.
  • You must still check for plagiarism – we're not connected to Turnitin.


Do these 2 steps to submit your paper :

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Then email your professor’s assignment instructions and your essay as an attached Word document to
    • If you are working in Google Docs, download your file as a Word document 1st, then email it.
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