Student Engages in Community-Based Experiential Learning

February 28, 2018

Kathleen Labus

Mario Lattimore is a Northeast Lakeview College student studying in the Creative and Communication Arts Institute.  He always knew he would have a job that was geared towards his ambitions of engaging with the public, only he didn't know this experience would begin as a college student.

 Last Fall, he looked into a work study position at the Office of Experiential Learning. Mardio was hired and he soon learned about Community-Based Federal Work-Study. Like the regular work-study position that Mardio had done for NLC Student Development, community-based work-study refers students to positions in the community.  Eligible students in this program are referred to work in a position or setting that is relevant to their future goals, giving students experience into their selected profession. Students work 15-hours a week, just like a traditional work study student and earn $9.00/hr, but these students work in real-world jobs and job shadow professionals in their selected field.

 One of Mardio‚Äôs numerous responsibilities now is to market the community-based federal work-study to students where he attends classes.

"I suggest you look into this program," says Mardio.  "It's a great opportunity to begin building your resume for your future career as a professional."  

For more information, visit the Community-Based Federal Work Study Program.  Resumes will be forwarded to employers through March 9.