Former NLC Student Wins Novice Teacher of the Year

September 25, 2018


Heather Canales, former NLC student, received the Novice Teacher of the Year Award for Park Village Elementary, a school in Judson ISD. This award recognizes excellence in JISD classrooms among those teachers with between one and three years of experience. Each recipient was selected for their talents in working with students and engaging them in real learning that excites them and makes them grow. 

Heather teaches 5th grade math and science at Park Village Elementary to students of all learning abilities both special education and general education populations. “My favorite part of being a teacher is helping and watching students grow, and seeing their light bulbs go off when they finally understand a new concept, “ says Canales. “I tell my students daily it's not about pass or fail, it's about showing growth.”

Heather began her college education at NLC right after graduating from Judson High School. After completing her coursework at NLC, she transferred to the University of the Incarnate Word where she graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. She is also certified to teach EC-6 as well as Special Education for all grade levels. “My time at NLC was amazing”, says Heather. “I had great teachers and mentors, many that I still stay in touch with.” 

Canales is now teaching and giving back to students in the same school district from which she graduated. She was recognized and received her award at a ceremony earlier this month.

Photo caption: Heather (R) is pictured with Suzanne Kenoyer, Judson ISD trustee, at the Teacher of the Year Awards Ceremony.