Dr. Chantae Recasner is awarded the 2021 Sally Johnstone award

November 1, 2021

Dr. Chantae Recasner, Dean for Academic Success at Northeast Lakeview College, was recognized by the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET)  with the honor of the 2021 Sally Johnstone award. WCET is the leader in the practice, policy, & advocacy of digital learning in higher education. Northeast Lakeview College and all Colleges across the District are members of WCET. Megan Raymond, Senior Director of membership and Programs at WCET shared that Dr. Recasner certainly is an up and coming leader in higher education, and this acknowledgment is well deserved.”

This award is a very special award within the online learning community especially for those of us who understand Dr. Johnstone’s importance to advance online learning.

The Sally M. Johnstone award is named after WCET’s founding executive director. Sally led WCET from 1989 to 2006, creating the foundation for the organization. From WCET, Sally has gone on to leadership positions at several institutions and continues to be an advocate for student success and the use of quality technology in higher education.

This award recognizes a professional who has made an outsized contribution for their ‘rank‘ to the digital learning community with the intention of recognizing thought leadership, excellence in practice and demonstrated leadership capabilities. This award is meant to honor up-and-coming leaders in higher education.

Dr. Recasner is a member of the WCET Steering Committee and a graduate of the Online Learning Consortium’s Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning (IELOL).

Dr. Chantae Recasner serves as the Dean of Academic Success of Northeast Lakeview College, one of five community colleges serving the Greater San Antonio Area. As a Hispanic Serving Institution located on the fastest growing corridor between San Antonio and Austin,  NLC is well-positioned to grow its online enrollments and serve an even more diverse student enrolled especially with the leadership of a rising leader in online learning.

Read more about what Dr. Recasner’s colleagues said about her receiving this award.

An Instructional Designer on the Alamo Colleges Online team who has worked with Dr. Recasner for the entire time of her tenure at NLC shared the following:

Chantae’s passion for student success is palpable! Her thought leadership in embracing new ways to enhance the online student experience has resulted in the adoption of a streamlined online orientation course for students who are new to distance learning, in-depth course reviews, and continuous quality assurance standards, and increased opportunities for faculty development in various modalities. Chantae’s holistic approach in identifying and assessing gaps that may impede online student success is impressive.  

– Amy Gates, Instructional Designer

Dr. Recasner’ s direct supervisor shared the following remarks:

Dr. Recasner’s s extensive knowledge and background have significantly and positively impacted the ability of Northeast Lakeview College to serve our students through distance learning.  She continues to help us be the best we can be in the distance learning space.

Dr. Laura Boyer, Vice President for Academic Success | Northeast Lakeview College

As the Chief Online Learning Officer serving all five Colleges, I invested in the opportunity for emerging leaders to gain further professional development.

Dr. Recasner not only completed the Online Learning Consortium’s Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning but did so during the busiest time of year for her College – August with the return of faculty and students. Moreover, she accepted the request, was nominated, elected, and now represents community colleges on the WCET Steering Committee. Having a compassionate and thoughtful voice representing community college students - especially the students we serve - with the programming advisory group of a national organization is critical to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Recasner as a member of the Northeast Lakeview College and Alamo Colleges District team. Her potential and care for student success are evident in the way she engages fully in the work to advance digital learning across the District.

Dr. Luke Dowden, Chief Online Learning Officer & Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Success
Alamo Colleges District