Program Level: Pre-Majors/Transfer
Department: Social Sciences
Institute: Science & Technology
College: NVC

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About the Program

Anthropology provides both Natural Science credits and Social Science credits. Anthropology links many other areas of study for the purposes of understanding humanity and the many intricacies found therein. Anthropology as a whole is a robust discipline that will help lay a critical foundation for where ever your academic, professional, and personal ambitions lie. Join us and take on an adventure that will change the way you understand the world and its many people.


What will I learn?

Human evolution, qualitative and quantitative research methods, ways of being of other cultures, past civilizations, forensics, paleoanthropology, social justice, and so much more.

What can I do with this course of study?

Anthropologists land a wide variety of jobs from research at major universities to tech industry start-ups and even law enforcement.

What is special about this program?

It is interdisciplinary and hands-on. We get you out into the field with experts as soon as possible.

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Available Courses:

Course Descriptions

ANTH 2301/Physical Anthropology

ANTH 2304/Physical Anthropology + Lab

ANTH 2302/Archaeology

ANTH 2351/Cultural Anthropology

Physical Anthropology/ANTH 2301

Physical Anthropology is a Natural Science credit that focuses on the story of human evolution and the innumerable biological and cultural realities at play there. This class involves working with fossils, learning about forensics, and visiting the world’s largest population of captive baboons!

Highlights: Field trips to TX Biomedical Research Institute, hands-on forensics work, lab opportunities (see below).

Jobs include: primate research, forensics, and criminal justice, paleoanthropology, and much much more.

Physical Anthropology + LAB/ANTH 2304

This is the same Physical Anthropology class listed above but with a lab component. Take this class if you are interested in transferring to Texas State and studying forensics or if you just need a Natural Science credit with a lab!

Archaeology/ANTH 2302

Archaeology is a Social Science credit and is a hands-on discipline that explores the cultures and development of past peoples. Register for our Field School course, which takes place in south San Antonio and during which students conduct actual fieldwork in the form of an excavation.

Highlights: Hands-on experience in our field school, work with professionals in the field, find actual artifacts!

Jobs include: archaeologist, cultural resource management, museum curation, and more!

Cultural Anthropology/ANTH 2351

Cultural Anthropology is a Social Science credit that explores the myriad interactions people have all over the globe and how those have changed and continue to change. In this class, you will do actual ethnography fieldwork. And if you register for our Peace and Conflict course, you will do some service learning as well.

Highlights: Study abroad opportunities, hands-on ethnographic research, Peace and Conflict program participation, service-learning.

Jobs include: diplomat or government liaison, cultural researcher, human resources, linguist, and much much more!


Faculty and Staff


Adam O. Aguirre

Kim Linsenbardt

Victoria Ingalls

Talia Melber

Lise Byars George

Adam Johnson

Lori Blackwell Love


Nakotah Terburg

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