Helpful Links

To facilitate the Faculty-Student Mentor process, these links are here to assist mentors and their students.

Academic Resources

Learn more about our tutoring labs, library, advising opportunities, library, bilingual faculty, and more.

Campus Resources

NVC offers many resources for students including counseling, disability support services, emergency financial aid, a food pantry, aid for foster youth, and guidance regarding transportation.

Community Resources

Here, you will find one-stop connections to comprehensive resources such as emergency shelter, healthcare, legal assistance, and work.


For More Information, Please Contact:

Student Success Leaders

Gary Bowling
Student Development Director (MLH 135)

Adriana Cantu
Personal Counselor (CCC 204G)

Migdalia Garcia
Coordinator of Community Engagement & Service Learning (LOH 206V)

Academic Deans

Dr. Robert Ayala
Dean for Academic Success (MLH 218)

Dr. Russell Frohardt
Dean for Academic Success (CESC 207)