Dr. Charles Hinkley

Hinkley, Dr. Charles
Title: Associate Professor of Philosophy
Department: Humanities
Office: PH 102 E
Phone: 210-486-4825 Ext: 64825

About Dr. Charles Hinkley

Institute:  Creative & Communication Arts


Ph.D. | Medical Humanities | University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston

M.A. | Applied Philosophy | Bowling Green State University

Working...M.S. | Applied Sociology | Texas State University


I am willing to mentor any student, but I will best be able to help those in the liberal arts and social sciences.


Dean of Academic Success, Author. Taught logic, ethics, medical ethics, and philosophy for more than 20 years.


Dr. Charles Hinkley currently serves as Dean for Academic Success at Northwest Vista College. He has taught logic, ethics, medical ethics, and philosophy for more than 20 years at many colleges and universities. Dr. Hinkley is a published author in the field of ethics and medical ethics. You can find the second edition of his book, Moral Conflicts of Organ Retrieval: A Case for Constructive Pluralism, on Amazon and on the Brill publishing website. His current interests are statistics, sociology, ethics, and most importantly, being good to people. If students are willing to be my mentee, they must be willing to work hard, grow as a student, and grow as a person. I will also be willing to grow.