Jared Gaitan

Gaitan, Jared
Title: Instructor|History
Department: Humanities
Office: PH 102J

About Jared Gaitan

Institute:  Creative & Communication Arts


M.A. | History|University of Texas at San Antonio

B.A. | History|University of Texas at San Antonio


Though I do not have a preference, history majors are usually in need of guidance both in their class selection and for their future plans. Film Club Mexican-American Studies, History majors, Creative and Communication Arts students, Latinx students First-generation students.


I started my educational career as a student tutor at UTSA's Tomas Rivera Center, assisting with geography, geology, mythology, English, government, and history classes. From there, I went to work as a one-on-one tutor with the UTSA Athletics Department, where I enjoyed keeping student-athletes caught up with classes even as they spent significant time on the road. During graduate school I worked as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant for several full-time faculty members in the UTSA History Department, which served as a good introduction to full-sized college classes. Since then, I have worked as both an adjunct and full-time faculty member at Northwest Vista and an adjunct faculty member at UTSA, teaching US, Texan, Mexican-American, and World history classes.


My name is Jared Gaitan, and I'm a San Antonio native and NVC alumnus, so I am deeply familiar with this city and this campus! I've lived all around San Antonio from the east side suburb of Kirby to my current home on the far west side, and have strong roots in the community at large. Personally, I have a great attachment to NVC, as I had family working here for many years before I was a student (and now a teacher!). I've watched the campus grow from a few portable buildings to the enormous and beautiful place it is today, and from a handful of students to now many thousands. I have a strong investment in the campus' success, and the success of each student that drives my commitment to mentorship.