Mallory Plummer

Plummer, Mallory
Title: Adjunct Faculty|Student Development
Department: Academic Success
Office: MLH 131
Phone: 210-486-4438 Ext: 64438

About Mallory Plummer

Institute:  Public Service


M.E.|Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Higher ED Admin|University of Texas at San Antonio

B.F.A. & Communications|Communication Design (Graphic Design)|Texas State University


Students I select that are seeking professional development and currently involved in student organizations as active officers.


Northwest Vista College Black Lives Matter Association Member; Young Adult Ministry Team Member; Texas Association of Black Professionals in Higher Education-Life Member; Extensive, undergraduate student organization leadership experience; Advising experience.


Teaching/Mentoring Philosophy: I endeavor to equip students with practical information that allows for increased autonomy, enhanced learning desire, and advanced decision-making skills, thus encouraging personalized development. Students are expected to participate in meaningful discussion, respect and contribute to a peaceful learning environment for the instructor and fellow students, and take accountability for his or her speech and behavior inside and outside the classroom.