Student Testimonials

Tutor and Student Working Together

Read what NVC students have to say about their experiences at The Writing Center:

  • "If I had not come into this lab for help, I would not have done so well in my class. I have an A in my class. The instructors here have helped and inspired me to write and feel good about my writing. I want to change my Liberal Arts major and go for an English major. The instructors here are very sweet. They have helped in so many ways. I feel that when correction is needed, we don't feel bad about it or embarrassed. I feel I can ask them for help at any time, and they are here for us for any papers we need to turn in."
  • "I love this reading lab. The energy in this lab is positive and polite. All of the tutors here are so eager to help you. They will not quit on you they will patiently work with you till you get it done. This makes me extremely satisfied and has me smiling out the door."
  • "The instructor here was very knowledgeable and was able to help me with my assignment and any other questions that seemed to puzzle me."
  • "The tutor helped me with my essay and was a great tutor! He has shown me many things I didn't know before I came here! I will definitely be back again!"
  • “So grateful for the lab! This really helped me get a head start on my paper and understand writing a hook and thesis.”
  • “He was very helpful and very passionate about working with students.”
  • “She helped me break down what I could not understand, sharing patience while I took notes on the information she provided. I'm very grateful to have encountered her as my first tutor. Thank you NVC for free tutoring.”
  • “She was an excellent tutor and praised me with great feedback. I love that we have a writing center dedicated to helping students. Thank you for all that you do!”
  • “He set an atmosphere where I felt comfortable to speak and show my work. All the questions I had during the session he took initiative and time to explain the answers. Now I will definitely go back to the lab for help to proof read or any future questions I might have.”