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Thank you for helping future Northwest Vista College students with their admissions and enrollment process!

Below you will find resources to guide students as they complete their steps at NVC. You may also provide us with the student's information so that we may contact them directly to follow up.

Helpful Resources

Below are some helpful resources that students will need as they complete their process.

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GPA/Test Scores

Test Score Requirements

Northwest Vista College does not require SAT, ACT, or any other standardized test scores for admissions purposes. Instead, students will take the TSI Exam for placement purposes in Math, Reading, and Writing.

However, students who have qualifying test scores, dual credit, AP credits, or have completed a college prep course may potentially be exempted from taking the TSI test. Visit the website for our Testing Office to learn more about qualifying exemptions and score requirements.

Testing Office


GPA Requirements

First Time In College Students are not required to meet a specific GPA requirement to be admitted to NVC. Students must have simply completed either a high school diploma or GED.

Transfer and former students must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible for admissions. View more information on our website about academic standing requirements for transfer and former students.

Transfer Student Academic Standing

Enrollment Steps

Submitting an application to Northwest Vista College is only the first step of the enrollment process. There will be a few other items that students will need to submit prior to registering for classes.

Below are some key items to know about the enrollment process.


Exploring Possible Pre-Majors

When students fill out their application to Northwest Vista College, they will be asked to select a "School" and then select a major.

The "School" will be their NVC Institute: the umbrella under which their pre-major will fall. NVC's five institutes are:

  • Creative and Communication Arts
  • Health and Biosciences
  • Science and Technology
  • Public Service
  • Business and Entrepreneurship

If students are undecided about their major, they are still encouraged to select a major they are interested in or leaning most strongly towards because they will be assigned to a Certified Academic Advisor based on their institute.

However, students who are completely undecided may use the option "Liberal Arts" under "Creative and Communication Arts" as a general degree plan they can follow to complete their basic courses until they've settled on a major.

View the Enrollment Steps

Explore Majors and Career Options


Complying With Bacterial Meningitis Requirements

Texas State Law requires that all students under the age of 22 to submit proper documentation showing they have received the bacterial meningitis vaccination within five years. Alternatively, students can submit waivers to be exempted from the vaccination. Students and parents should carefully consider all options before making their decisions.

Learn more about the law, vaccination options, and exemptions on our website.

View Bacterial Meningitis Requirements


Attending New Student Orientation and Registering For Classes

The most exciting part of the enrollment process is registering for classes! Students are always excited to be able to pick out and sign up for their classes.

First Time In College Students
Once students have completed all of their enrollment steps, they'll be eligible to sign up for New Student Orientation, which is where they will meet with a Certified Academic Advisor and register for their first semester classes. This orientation is mandatory, and the purpose is to introduce students to the concept of a certified advisor, teach them how to register for classes, and help them select the courses they'll need to get started on their degree plan.

Transfer Students
Instead of a face-to-face orientation, Transfer and Former students will complete a short online orientation that will prepare them for their first meeting with a Certified Academic Advisor. This advisor will help them review their credits from their previous institutions to help students understand how their credits will transfer. They will then assist students with selecting courses for their intended major and/or transfer institution, depending on the student's goals.

Financial Aid

Below are resources to help students with options to pay for their tuition and fees. Please click each link to learn more about each option.


Scholarships Pay Tuition Out Of Pocket
FAFSA Application Registration Deadlines
Veterans Benefits Payment Deadlines
Active Duty Benefits Tuition and Fees
College Connection

Through our College Connection program, our Recruitment Team partners with many local area high schools to provide college access and awareness, assist students with submitting their Apply Texas applications, and help students to complete their enrollment steps.

Visit the website for our Recruitment team to learn more about:

  • Partner San Antonio-area high schools
  • College fair events
  • Parent workshops
  • High school visit dates


Recruitment Team / College Connection

Degree Plans

We know that for many students, one of the most exciting parts of college is signing up for classes and planning out their degree.

All students at NVC will have an assigned Certified Academic Advisor that will help them understand their degree plans and sign up for classes. However, many students like to explore degree opportunities first in order to better understand the types of classes a degree might offer.

Below are resources students can utilize to explore possible pre-majors, understand career options, and review transfer degree plans.


Explore the NVC Institutes Review Transfer Advising Guides
Browse NVC Pre-Majors Visit Career Coach
Visit NVC

Students and their families are encouraged to visit our school to tour the campus and learn more about what NVC has to offer. Connect with us through a variety of on-campus events, such as:

  • Guided campus tours
  • Open house preview events
  • Walk-in admissions and enrollment assistance


View NVC's Campus Visit Opportunities