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Transfer Student Orientation

Below are the steps to sign up for Transfer and Former Student Orientation. Please contact Vista Central with any questions, or email us at

Step 1 – Complete all steps in the application and enrollment process

All steps in the application and enrollment process must be completed before signing up for orientation and advising.

View the enrollment process for Transfer and Former students


Step 2 - Complete the online Transfer and Former Student Orientation

This orientation is completely online to allow students to move at their own pace but only takes about 30 minutes to complete. The orientation will review registration guides, schedule options, financial aid information, and payment instructions.

  • Note for Transient Students: Transient students who are only taking summer classes at NVC and will be returning to their home institution will not complete the Transfer and Former Student Orientation.

    Transient students may self-register for courses through ACES once their enrollment steps are complete. Students who need assistance using ACES may visit the Vista Central: Welcome & Admissions Center on a walk-in basis, but they should meet with their academic advisors at their home institution for advising services to ensure that NVC courses will be accepted for transfer.


Important: You must submit your Apply Texas application for the term you are applying before signing up for the orientation. Please refer to Step 1 for questions. Currently Transfer Former Orientation is not available. Please proceed to Step 3.



Step 3 – Register for Courses

Once you have completed your orientation, you have three different options to register for classes.

Meet with a Certified Advisor (Recommended) At the end of the orientation, you will be given the opportunity to make an appointment with a Certified Advisor. This advisor will assist you with reviewing your transferable credits, navigating your degree plan, and selecting your classes. 

(Note: Appointments may not be available during certain points in the semester. Contact Vista Central by phone at 210-486-4125 for questions and availability.)

Self-Registration Transfer and former students who already know which courses they want to take may register on their own without meeting with an advisor. Students who choose to self-register that are prompted to receive a prerequisite override or enter an Alternate PIN will need to contact Vista Central for assistance.

Step 4 – Pay for Classes

Students are required to pay for their classes or ensure that their financial aid or applicable Veterans benefits are in place by the payment deadline or they will be dropped from courses and must re-register.

Payment deadlines are always on Sunday at 1 p.m.

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Admissions On Campus Hours

Desert Willow Welcome Center (DWWC) Room 102

Monday - Thursday  8:00am - 7:00pm


You can also contact us at