Testing has suspended on campus testing.  The 7 day 24 hour Examity proctoring from home option will still be available.  If you need assistance you may contact us at nvc-assessment@alamo.edu, 210-486-4346 or visit our virtual Zoom Lobby. See below for Zoom Lobby link and availability.

Zoom Lobby Hours of Operation For January 2022

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Friday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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TSIA 2 from Home


Northwest Vista College uses Examity to proctor the TSI Assessment on-line so students may take it from home. Examity is contracted with College Board which is the maker of the TSI Assessment. Please note TSI exam requests may be submitted 24 hours a day but will only be processed during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM. Requests submitted after hours will be processed the following business day. 

Fees to take TSI from Home

*The TSIA 2 is now available at no cost for students that have submitted their high school or college transcript and applied with Northwest Vista College. No additional proctoring fee will be charged for students that qualify and wish to take the exam from home.This is only for the initial administration and does not cover a retest.  Students enrolling for the purpose to take college courses while taking high school courses such a Dual Credit or Earl Admit program are not eligible for the no cost TSIA 2.   

TSI Assessment Voucher Fee

A TSI Assessment Voucher is required to take it from home. This is purchased with Northwest Vista College. The cost will depend on if you are taking the full or only parts of the exam. There are two parts which are English Language Arts (ELAR) and Math.

  • $32 for full exam (ELAR and Math)
  • $24 ELAR 
  • $12 Math 
  • $12 Essay Retest 

Examity On-line Proctoring Fee


In addition to the TSI Assessment Voucher fee, Examity charges its own Fee to provide on-line proctoring service.  Students will pay this fee when scheduling their appointment with Examity.


Steps to take the TSI from Home

Overview on TSI from Home

Steps 1 to 4: Will help make sure you are ready to request to Take TSI Assessment From Home

Step 5: Provides the link to take the TSI Assessment from Home

Step 6: Payment information and instructions will be sent within 2 to 3 business days. 

Step 7: A Voucher will be sent by email from Accuplacer, the testing company of the TSI Assessment. This will include instructions on creating an account with Examity where you will schedule your appointment to have your TSI Assessment proctored at home. You will need your voucher information.
Step 1: Determine if you need to take the TSI Assessment

You may  Click here to see Exemptions and Waivers  to check if you are exempted or are eligible to have TSI Assessment waived from taking the TSI Assessment.  

  • Official documents should be submitted to The Assessment and Testing office.
  • Test scores should be sent directly from the testing agency to Northwest Vista College.

If you have taken the TSI Assessment at another school (either high school or university) you can request for the scores to be sent to us by Clicking here to retrieve TSI Assessment Scores

Step 2: Complete the necessary enrollment steps to take the TSI Assessment

Complete the necessary enrollment steps prior to testing (see Enrollment Checklist here)

Complete an Apply Texas Application for Northwest Vista College at www.ApplyTexas.org

Access your Student ACES Portal and complete the following modules: 

  • Go FAARR
  • Test Prep

*Note: although a transcript is not required to take the TSI Assessment, it is best to have submitted your transcript by the time you plan to take the TSI. It will be required in order for your to move forward with your enrollment steps after testing.

Step 3: Verify you meet the technology requirements

Computer Requirements

Google Chrome v39 or later, Firefox v34 or later, Internet Explorer v8 or later, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari v6 or later. Please disable your pop-up blocker.
Operating System:
Windows 7 or later, Mac OS 10.8 or later

– Desktop or laptop computer (tablets and Chromebooks are not supported)
– Built-in or external webcam, microphone and speakers
– 2GB or more of RAM

Internet Connection: An upload and download speed of 2Mbps

Test your computer requirements here

Step 4: Make sure you know the rules to take the TSI Assessment from Home

You will be asked to show the same current and valid photo ID. Acceptable forms of ID include:
– Driver’s license, High School ID, Military ID, Middle School ID, State or federal approved ID, College ID, Passport, Tribal ID card, Naturalization card or certificate of citizenship.

You must have a voucher number provided by ACCUPLACER.

You must test alone in a quiet room without disruptions.

The following are not allowed during testing:
– Food, drink, calculators, and breaks.

Scratch paper is allowed along with a standard pen/pencil.
– You will be asked to show both sides of your scratch paper to the proctor at the beginning and end of your test session.

A full list of prohibited items can be found here: 

Step 5: Request to take the TSI from home

If you have decided to move forward with Examity Proctoring Sevice, you MUST complete a TSI Assessment Voucher Request with Northwest Vista College. By completing the Voucher Request Form, you confirm you have read and understood the rules in Step 4. If you have not read Step 4 please go back and do so now. Reviewing the list of prohibited items before your exam date can help ensure a safe and secure testing session. 

Click here for Voucher Request Form

Complete this form in order to notify us of your decision to utilize Examity 

Once your request is received, the Testing Office will send you an email with instructions on payment for the TSI Assessment Voucher. 

Step 6: Pay for the TSI Assessment Voucher when you receive payment instruction from the Testing Office

A testing staff member will send payment instructions for the TSI Assessment Voucher.

After payment has been made, you will then be emailed a TSI Assessment Voucher from College Board Accuplacer the maker of the Assessment.

Step 7: Set up an appointment with Examity to take the TSI Assessment after you receive your Voucher

You will receive your voucher by Email from Accuplacer.  Accuplacer is the Testing Company of the TSI Assessment.   It will provide instructions on creating your account with Examity, the on line proctoring company, in order to make an appointment to take your TSI Assessment at home.  You will need your voucher at that time.


You can use the one of the guides to create your profile when you get your Voucher. 

If you are unable to create a profile, please contact Examity support team at 855-392-6489 or (support@examity.com) for assistance. You may also visit our Zoom Lobby Chat for assistance from one of our Testing Advisors. 

Zoom Lobby Hours of Operation For Fall

Monday - Thursday

8:30AM to 4:30PM

Zoom Chat 

Step 8: TSI hold will be removed after the TSI Assessment

You will receive an email from Accuplacer with a link to access your score report.

Your TSI hold will usually be removed within 1 business day. If you have been assessed in Math, Reading and Writing, one of our Enrollment Coaches will contact you to assist you with the next enrollment step(s).

Informational Video Provided by Examity