Dining Services (Cafeteria/Cafe)



Cyber Coffee Shop

The Cyber Coffee Shop is located lakeside in the Redbud Learning Center (RLC). 

Monday-Thursday 7am to 6pm
Friday 7am to 2pm

Cafeteria in CCC

The Cafeteria is located in the Cypress Campus Center (CCC).

Monday –Thursday 7am to 6pm
Friday 7am to 2pm

Breakfast is from 7am to 10am
Lunch begins @ 10:30am

CCC Cafeteria offers specialty stations such as:

NOODLES  (10am-3pm)

Lancer’s Noodles concept features a variety of noodle bowls that are intensely flavorful, fast, and healthy. Noodle and Rice bowls are great one-dish meals that can be prepared with a multitude of flavors, proteins, and vegetables. We source a selection of noodles, including lo mein and pad thai, and pair them with fresh vegetables and a choice of proteins that include chicken, pork, beef, and tofu.

ALDO’S GRILL (10am-6pm)

Aldo’s burgers are made from 100% certified Angus beef sourced locally and hand-pattied. They are then seared on a sizzling flat grill and crafted into unique sandwiches using creative combinations and flavor profiles. Not to be outdone by the burger, house-battered chicken fingers served with signature sauces are another highlight of the Aldo’s menu.


Offering a budget friendly $5.00 menu

BREAKFAST (7am-10am)

Consistent with our small batch cooking approach, Lancer prepares items in small batches. Some of the highlights from this menu include breakfast tacos, breakfast bowls, hearty breakfast sandwiches, pancakes and French toast. Now offering hot cereal in the morning. Oatmeal to warm you up!


Tacos are a perennial favorite among the student demographic. Simple to complex, we’ll serve them up in a variety of ways. Students will choose from a warm corn or flour tortilla and select the perfect combination of fresh cabbage, guacamole, freshly squeezed lime juice, pickled onions and house made salsas. Almost everything on our Buenos menu can be prepared gluten-free.


Lancer offers an extensive line of items available as Grab and Go options. These items include sandwiches, wraps, fresh salads, parfaits, whole and prepared fruit, and a variety of desserts and snacks. We prepare these items on-campus daily using fresh ingredients.


Nice Slice is a fresh house made pizza – a light yet crispy crust with a subtle flavor that allows the individual flavors of the toppings to shine through.


*Vegetarian options available in all stations

* Some Gluten Free options available in most stations.