Employees Giving Back

About the Campaign:

Northwest Vista College employees support the annual NVC Gives Back Campaign. In 2020, NVC had a 41% participation rate from employees and raised $47,300.00. Our goal for 2021 is to be a majority giving institution 51% and to increase dollars raised 8% to $50,000.00. This year's them is #GoForTheGold. 100% of donations go directly to the specified scholarship or program..

2021 Urgency:

Due to a post-pandemic year that has greatly impacted our students and community, we need your support now more than ever. As we focus on student recovery from the pandemic, statics show that college enrollment across the US has dropped 4.4% in 2020, which is more than five times the decrease in 2019 (Guide2Research, 2020). Moreover, as students recover from food, dental, and vision services that have fallen behind, stress, anxiety, and depression, academic disengagement, exacerbated inequities and reinforced barriers to educational opportunities for students of color and other marginalized populations, strained school/district/community relationships that have created the need to restore and build trust, and socioeconomic disparity, we can at least help alleviate the burden of how students are going to pay for their school and basic necessities.

While NVC is continually fundraising, our community is facing unprecedented times. Therefore, we need your participation to make our efforts go even further. Your donation is crucial to our efforts of a good quality of life for our students, staff, faculty, and community. Listed below are the top 5 NVC recommendations (in alphabetical order); however, there are numerous funds online that you may choose to support.

  1. NVC Beverly Evans Memorial Scholarship
  2. NVC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship
  3. NVC Food Pantry and Advocacy Center
  4. NVC Mexican American Studies
  5. NVC President's Unrestricted Funds

Welcome Message from NVC President Dr. Baser

Northwest Vista College strives to increase private donations from individuals and foundations to provide needed programs and scholarships for students and support community organizations and the arts. This year, the campaign starts on August 20,2021 and ends on October 29, 2021.

Together we can make a difference.



Attention Adjunct Faculty:

Please contact Alice Martinez by email at amartinez2@alamo.edu so you can be added to the United Way online giving portal before donating.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

I have a credit card donation – what should I do with it? Is there a specific form?

At NVC, the college contact person for the Employee Giving Campaign is Alice Martinez who can be reached by email at amartinez2@alamo.edu. There is also a specific pledge form you can use for the campaign (see the blue "Donate Now" button on this page). We are only accepting credit card donations at this time (no checks or cash please).

When will my payroll deduction pledge be processed? Are payroll deductions pre-tax or after-tax?

Gifts made via payroll deduction are processed starting with the employee’s first paycheck in January 2020. You may select anywhere between 1-24 pay periods for payroll deduction. Be advised that the deductions are made in order of overall pay periods, so if you select 12 pay periods, it will be the first 12 pay periods (January-June), not one deduction per month.

Deductions are after-tax, as federal law does not allow for charitable donations through payroll deduction to be done pre-tax.

May I hold a raffle?

To comply with IRS and state gaming regulations, Alamo Colleges Foundation does not accept funds raised through games of chance (i.e., raffles).

May I solicit non-employees for a gift through the Employee Giving Campaign?

The Employee Giving Campaign is typically only for employees, but some exceptions can be made based upon the donor’s affiliation with the college district. Also, anyone can make a gift to a scholarship fund or program fund through the Alamo Colleges Foundation. For information and guidance, please contact Alice Martinez who can be reached by email at amartinez2@alamo.edu.