Community Math

Community Math Graphic

What is Community Math at NVC?


The Community Math Project is a Title V grant-funded collaborative partnership between the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) and Northwest Vista College (NVC) with the goal of building math proficiency to strengthening teacher education. Community Math aims to develop meaningful math content mastery for elementary school teachers and to develop meaningful math content mastery for parents of toddlers and elementary-aged children (through pre-Algebra).

Participants in Community Math include:

  • NVC Students
  • UTSA Undergraduates
  • Local community centers
    • Parent Educators
    • Parents (of elementary school-aged children)

Community Math supports student success through student enrollment in SDEV classes specifically geared toward Education Majors. NVC connects a pipeline of students who are pursuing a degree in Education with earning their Associate’s and transferring to UTSA. While at UTSA, undergraduate students will engage in experiential service learning through partnerships at community centers under Community Math.

Benefits of Community Math

Educational Development and Training:

  • Train aspiring teachers from NVC that transfer into UTSA with skills that will help them increase their own math confidence.
  • Prospective UTSA Education Major students (“Math Fellows”) through paid stipends, will work in the community  where NVC/UTSA has Community Math programs.
  • “Math Fellows” will better understand the complex issues that underserved families may face, such as poverty and inequity.