Amazon selects Alamo Colleges as Career Choice education providers

February 2, 2021

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The Alamo Colleges District is one of more than 85 education providers chosen for Amazon’s Career Choice program.

Amazon employees ready to further their career with a certificate and Associate’s Degree that aligns with high-demand fields can do so at any of our five Alamo Colleges with Amazon Career Choice. The program pays up to 95 percent of the tuition costs, making it a convenient and affordable option for eligible employees to upskill and advance their careers. More than 30,000 Amazon employees around the globe have participated in Career Choice.

In October 2020, Amazon partnered with Alamo Colleges District as one of the Career Choice education providers, officially adding the Alamo Colleges to the Amazon Career Choice portal last month. They chose a wide variety of programs, other offerings, and continuing education certificates provided by our Alamo Colleges. Each Alamo offering leads to a career in a high-demand career.

Eligible Amazon employees can also join the Career Choice program to upskill in other fields of study including:

  • Administration and Business Services
  • Healthcare
  • Mechanical and Skilled Trades
  • Transportation
  • Commercial Driving (CDL)

Each of our Alamo Colleges is committed to ensuring students have the marketable and professional skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace. This partnership with Amazon provides educational experiences—both face-to-face and 100% online—and credentials that can increase their earning potential and expand their upward mobility.

The Alamo Colleges District is dedicated to meeting the educational goals of business and industry in San Antonio. Our work with Amazon employees is the most recent example of the district’s dedication to meeting local employer and employees’ needs.

For more information on taking steps towards your success with Career Choice and our Alamo Colleges, visit Alamo Colleges District’s Amazon Career Choice at