Working dad completes on-demand, online training during kids’ naptime

November 29, 2021

For everyone eager to advance in their professions and learn on their own time, the Alamo Colleges District on-demand and online training powered by Coursera is a valuable opportunity. Anthony Serrette knows first-hand the personal and professional benefits of taking these innovative online courses and encourages other students to give these on-demand and online training courses a try.

After working as a bartender for fifteen years, Anthony decided to leave the profession and find a more sustainable career to support his family. Through a string of good luck, he landed a job in cybersecurity. Although his new job was an excellent opportunity, Anthony wanted to learn more about the field. Coincidentally, the IT company he worked for happened to have an education program for employees, which was how he first heard about the Alamo Colleges District on-demand and online training courses.

“Naturally, I wanted to grow in the company and learn something,” he shares.

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Anthony signed up for and completed two on-demand and online training courses: Introduction to Networking and Threat Hunting Tactics and Procedures. These courses are not for college credit, yet, offer a way to try online learning and gain specific skills quickly.

In reflecting on the experience, he shares, “It was very easy to do as far as logging in, setting it up, and choosing my classes. It also worked out that I could do it at my own pace and choose when to take care of the things I needed to do. That was the best part about it. That’s what made it easy.”

Still, the process was not without its challenges. “The main challenge was the home-life balance. I think the challenge is just wanting to learn more and carry on a full-time job and a whole bunch of other duties in my life.” 

And still, Anthony persisted and discovered a way to overcome that challenge by finding the little moments to do his work. For him, moments came while his children were napping or during the evenings. The course structure granted him that flexibility. 

“The allure of Coursera is that it’s at your own pace, there is no one hovering over you, and you can get a lot done. They also have these packages for different professions and careers, and you can sign up for the package, get the certifications, and be on your way.”

On average, Anthony dedicated four to five hours a week to his courses. Not only did he learn in-demand and essential skills to grow in the field (Cyber Security), but he also earned specific certificates. Additionally, he knows that he can always sign up for another package or course and earn more certificates as he progresses through his career. 

“The one thing I took away from the experience is that I’m growing more in my company and that if there’s more things I need to learn, I know where I can go to learn those things.”

Anthony recommends Alamo Colleges opportunities for online, on-demand courses for anyone, especially those who have a lot going on and want to advance their careers. Our lives may always be busy; however, if you are eager to learn specific skills that will set you apart, consider Alamo Colleges District on-demand and online training powered by Coursera.

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