Adult Learning Academy here to serve

December 4, 2018

Public Relations

On Dec. 1, the Fabulous Holiday Brunch and GED Scholarship Fundraiser raised $65,000 to help students at Palo Alto College's Adult Learning Academy earn their GED and pursue their dreams. Organized by the GED Fabulous Holiday Brunch Committee, led by Martha Tijerina, the funds offer pivotal scholarships for students to cover program costs, GED testing fees and vouchers and classroom supplies.

Within certain sectors of south San Antonio, more than 25 percent of residents don't have a high school diploma or GED, which is often the first-level credential for completing an education and creating a pathway toward a successful career. As champions of access, Palo Alto College aims to ensure that all students have every opportunity to earn an education, be successful throughout their journey, and be prepared to enter the workforce.

With competing demands, many find it challenging to consider returning to school. This is why Palo Alto College developed the Adult Learning Academy, which provides ESL (English as a Second Language) and high school equivalency preparation courses for the GED at an affordable rate for individuals to reach personal goals, achieve gainful employment, and improve quality of life.

The Adult Learning Academy serves as one of only a few sites in San Antonio that offers GED preparation and testing in both English and Spanish, and students are given access to all campus resources needed to help them succeed. Additional support such as free tutoring, library services, computer and internet access, and academic and personal counseling services are all included.

Partnerships with the GED Fabulous Holiday Brunch Committee and other great partners – like Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas Inc. – support students enrolling in the high school equivalency preparation course and beyond. Upon completing the high school equivalency preparation program, students can earn special scholarships toward their tuition as a first-year college student, which has contributed to more than $3.6 million in scholarships Palo Alto College students have received over the last five years. By building partnerships that help provide some financial support, the College affirms its students' academic and career paths and guides its students to completing goals.

These opportunities are vital to the success of our students and our community. As the first option developed for public higher education available south of U.S. 90, Palo Alto College is committed to supporting education in San Antonio by continuously providing access for our South Side community.