Tutoring Services help students prepare for midterms

February 25, 2019

Public Relations

As midterms approach, many students have upcoming tests and papers that will play a big role in determining final grades. Being as prepared as possible is important for students' success.

Palo Alto College's Tutoring Services offer free sessions and workshops for all students in computer information systems, computer science, integrated reading and writing, math, and science.

The College's five in-person tutoring centers are completely free of charge. Students can choose between meeting face-to-face with full-time specialists and tutors, or receiving the help they need using the online tutoring system: Brainfuse.

"In college, tutoring is very different from what it may have been K through 12. It's not punitive; it's to help them maintain their stronger [grades]," said Thomas Murguia, Academic Program Director for Tutoring Services. "At the college level, courses are more rigorous, so we expect and encourage [students] to come in. We're here to help."

Receiving the additional help these services offer can be beneficial for all students, especially in preparation for midterms. In addition, the tutoring centers provide an welcoming atmosphere, allowing students and tutors to feel comfortable and safe.

"At first, I think I was scared of [exposing] my faults. I thought they [the tutors] were going to judge me," said Luis Tirado, criminal justice student at Palo Alto College. "Immediately, I realized they weren't. I started to understand that they were doing great things for me, so I continued going."

The tutoring centers are open to all Palo Alto College students. In addition to getting one-on-one assistance, students can use the centers as quiet places to study and access computers and other learning resources.

"[Students] come into the centers, get some direction, and they return multiple times to work on that assignment," said Murguia. "We get to see the progression from the start of the assignment all the way through the finished product."

With midterms right around the corner, all students are encouraged to visit the tutoring centers and take full advantage of the opportunities at hand.

"I knew it [going to tutoring] would be a new opportunity for me. Since they're providing help, why not take it?" said Tirado. "They give me the best tools and find ways for me to learn. They're always there when I need them."

"Our students deserve everything that we can give them to be successful," said Murguia. "We have all the tools for them to be prepared. They just have to come in, so we can help them feel confident when they go into their exams."

To learn more about each of the tutoring centers and services they offer, visit alamo.edu/pac/tutoring.