News Brief: September 3, 2019

September 3, 2019

Palo Alto College

The weekly news brief contains the latest news and information from Palo Alto College.

PAC continues exploring Open Educational Resources

Palo Alto College (PAC) e-resources librarian, Tosca Gonsalves, attended the Open Education Texas: Policy, Practice & Potential Conference on Aug. 7-8 in Austin, TX. The conference provided an overview of status and developments of Open Educational Resources (OER) nationally, in Texas, and in higher education. Breakout sessions focused on how various Texas institutions have implemented, increased, promoted, and received buy-in from faculty as well as discussions on the challenges involved with OER.

PAC professors integrate Art and Science into unified project

Palo Alto College (PAC) Professor of Art, Dr. Alba DeLeon, and Professor of Biology, Brad Chandler, were accepted as presenters in the Creative Practice Showcase at the Fifteenth International Conference on The Arts in Society to be held at the National University of Ireland in Galway on June 24-26, 2020. Their proposal demonstrates the unification of the Arts and Sciences (Art + STEM = STEAM) by using colored bacteria to "paint" a living picture on agar gel in petri dishes and then growing the bacteria and photographing the results.


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